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About KaizenConnect

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Our Services

KaizenConnect supports diverse professionals to improve their skills and advance their careers. We offer articles, case studies, templates, and presentations from a variety of sources, each focused on core management functions. With our numerous partners, KaizenConnect brings members free tools and discounted services. We are building professional communities where members support each other through the transfer of ideas, experiences, and expertise. Each community is led by an expert, ensuring that the community maintains focus on cutting-edge best practices. Communities are constantly evolving, shaped by the needs and interests of our members.

Our History

KaizenConnect is a service of The Kaizen Company, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that supports professionals and organizations in numerous countries around the world. Our team of professionals draws upon a wealth of experience to maintain KaizenConnect services and support our members. Please visit for more information.

How to join

Membership to KaizenConnect communities is available free of charge. Registered members can freely access the vast majority of KaizenConnect resources, including the high-value content on our Website and the discounted services from our International Partners. In an effort to continue granting members access to the best content available, we anticipate making a select set of new value-added resources available for a fee in the future.

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