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Top 10 Signs You Work in Operations

24 May

Top 10 Signs You Work in Operations
By: Lisa Letke ( Lisa Letke's Blog )
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Despite holding the title Operations Manager for last three years, I didn’t really think I was in the operations business. I mean, I work in the field of international development – it’s special, it’s unique. I couldn’t possibly have anything in common with an operations manager at [insert name of large, operations-centric superstore of choice]. Turns out I was wrong. Maybe you are in the operations business too, but don’t know it. If at least 4 out of the 10 signs below are true for you – welcome to the world of operations!

The Top 10 Signs You Work in Operations:

1. You manage the day-to-day processes, functions and happenings of something – a company, a division, a family, a club, a volunteer group, etc.

2. You know what a management dashboard is and you’ve actually used one in the last six months.

3. Using the words “sacred” and “operating budget” in the same sentence does not seem odd to you.

4. You’ve had meetings to discuss the difference between efficiency and effectiveness – and why it matters!

5. You could teach a class on using limited resources to create maximum impact.

6. You find yourself analyzing the checkout procedures of the local grocery store while making a quick stop for milk and eggs.

7. You have waited in line at Customer Service to vocalize your analysis (from #6 above) to the store manager—likely to the embarrassment of your child/spouse/significant other.

8. Secretly you are happy with your company nickname – “The Enforcer.” Polices are made for a reason, right?

9. You have been responsible for setting goals and measuring performance more than once in the last quarter – (bonus if you liked it!).

10. You know what makes your customers happy. And, everyone in your organization knows that you know what makes your customers happy. It’s what you do.

Whether only one or all ten of the signs above were true for you – operations is very likely part of your day-to-day routine. So why not learn more about it? I’ll be regularly updating this blog with more top tens, tips, and tidbits on operations. Do you have other "signs" that you want to add? Interested in more details on any of the signs above? Let me know!

In the next blog installment I’ll dig deeper into the topic of #3 - management dashboards. What are they, why do we use them, and what types are best?

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