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Tags : printer
Description: Everybody wants to save money while buying printer supplies. There are plenty of ways you can do that. Save money, but at the same time also ensure there are no compromises made from the quality perspective. You don’t want to be buying a low cost printer ribbon and find it runs out of ink before it is actually supposed to. So it’s important that you spend less, but you do so with caution. Take a look at these 3 tips that will help you spend less money while buying ink cartridges, but also allow you to purchase quality cartridges. 1. Buy Compatible or Remanufactured cartridges
Tags : blog, communication, crisis
Description: Innovative thinking on today's crisis communication challenges.

Herding Cats
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Tags : blog, operations, project management
Description: Ideas, Practices, and Resources about increasing the Probability of Project Success from direct field experience with proven principles. It doth often trouble me to think that in this business we are all to learne and none to teach - Decon Robert Cushman of Canterbury, 1620

Blog by Nancy Duarte
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Tags : blog, communication, Data, presentation, visual
Description: Skilled CEO, inspired presenter, and gifted educator, Nancy Duarte is a sought-after speaker whose own presentations live up to the expectations established in her books. Audiences leave inspired and firmly grasping new VisualStory™ tools that transform the way they communicate. Source Duarte

Blog on Crisis Communication
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Tags : blog, communication, Crisis Communication
Description: Blog by Levick Strategic Communications talks about highest-stakes communication challenges companies face. Source Levick Strategic Communications

Deloitte On Technology
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Tags : blog, Information Technology
Description: Every day, our technology practice leaders help some of the world’s biggest companies understand the ‘art of the possible’ when it comes to technology to address tomorrow’s business needs today. We want to share their experiences, their vision, in their own voice, with you. Enter the Deloitte On Technology blog. Through this blog, you’ll have a direct line of sight into what our technology leaders and subject matter advisors are seeing in the market, taking hundreds of thousands of hours of their business and technology experience, and channeling it into a condensed, yet impactful, read.
Tags : communication, Crisis Communication, crisis management
Description: Crisis Management Analysis and Commentary blog by Jonathan Bernstein.
Tags : Benchmarking, collaboration, Innovation, procurement, Transportation and logistics
Description: If procurement doesn’t act as a pipeline for innovation coming from the supply base, a business can die. Or how about another way – if procurement doesn’t listen to suppliers warnings, it can be painfully slow to jump when cracks start to form in the market. When you look at companies that failed, you have to ask: did they listen to suppliers? Source: Procurement Leaders
Tags : web design, web development
Description: I tried out a website design and development company several month ago. The design capabilities and work output was great. However, their development team was inexperienced, took short cuts, created shoddy code- simply put, they almost screwed up the web project. A web design firm can put out excellent designs but that is really nothing without having excellent web development as its backbone. Poor web development can really ruin a website's experience and effectiveness. From:
Tags : brainstorming, collaboration, Creativity, fun, new ideas, operations
Description: Gotta come up with something smart and creative pronto? Consider jumpstarting your project and building buy-in by having a brainstorming session. You can invite staff, board members, volunteers—anyone who’ll help you think up solutions that might work. Give them pizza and/or coffee and you’ll find most people will do just about anything for two hours.

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