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Total Cost of Ownership
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Tags : business cost, finance, price, product
Description: Total cost of ownership video covers following topics: - Helps to make better financial decisions - Considers the cost for a product beyond purchase price - Cost of product through disposal - Not only acquisition cost, but operating cost From:
Tags : accounting, finance, financial statement
Description: Many managers are not comfortable reviewing the financial data that finance and accounting staffs provide to them. Yet according to Wharton accounting professor Richard A. Lambert, financial statements -- like cash flow statements, balance sheets and income statements -- reveal information that managers cannot afford to ignore because of what they show about a company's opportunities and risks. From: KnowledgeAtWharton

Leaders with Values
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Tags : leadership, management, operations, values
Description: Management thought leaders share their ideas on values in business. Featuring: Arturo Condo, David Rock, Buie Seawell, Erin Lehman, Christopher Adkins, Maj. Gen. Frederick B. Hodges, Susan Clancy, and Jonathan Gosling. From: Harvard Business Review
Tags : M&E, monitoring and evaluation, program evaluation
Description: In this video, Dr. Sanjeev Sridharan looks at the issue of multilevel modeling in program evaluation. From: My M&E

Real World Evaluation
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Tags : field work, M&E, monitoring and evaluation
Description: This video features expert Jim Rugh looking at the issue of conducting evaluations in the field and some of the obstacles implementers face. From: My M&E

Should you use Google+?
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Tags : google, Google tools, marketing, social marketing, social media
Description: Google recently opened its Google+ social network to businesses. How should you approach this new platform? How important is it to your social media mix?’s Eric Markowitz tracked down Christian Oestlien, Google’s chief of social advertising products, at Ad:Tech in New York to find out more about how you can make Google+ work for your small business marketing. Watch the video for Oestlien's recommendations. From:
Tags : collaboration, connection, leadership, organisational behavior, talent management
Description: Where do the ideas in your organization come from? And from whom? If you're not taking advantage of new sources of inspiration - sources outside your organization, outside the management suite - to facilitate growth and change, you could be in trouble. From: INSEAD
Tags : brand, marketing, online reputation, reputation, tips
Description: Online feedback can be a painful wound--or a powerful tool--for your business image. Angie's List founder Angie Hicks offers tips. From:
Tags : how to sell, positive, Sales, Sales Strategy
Description: Close more deals than ever by developing the mindset of a seasoned sales pro—Stephan Schiffman, America's #1 sales trainer. In this Sixty-Second tip, Schiffman shares some of his insights from the upcoming book The Power of Positive Selling, that will help you turn around negative thoughts, adopt the right selling attitude, and close more deals! From: McGraw-Hill
Tags : Economic Crisis, finance, global economy, recession, recovery
Description: Not since the Great Depression has the world economy seen such a perfect storm of failed policies, rising unemployment and stalled growth. Many use the "R" word ... but is that "recovery" or "recession"? From: INSEAD

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