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Tags : bad boss, boss, good boss, leadership, management
Description: Finally, all those nightmare stories about horrid bosses have a purpose. Author Bob Sutton explains how you can learn from those tales of mismanagement to become a better boss yourself. Sutton describes the hallmarks of an exemplary boss, how to avoid one of the most common pitfalls of being a boss - cluelessness, and why you may want more women on your team than men. Source: BNET
Tags : leadership, management, scandal
Description: What do Congressman Weiner and Archbishop Martin have in common? BNET Blogger John Baldoni says their respective handling of recent scandals offers important lessons on how to lead. Source: BNET
Tags : communications strategy, internal communications, internal corporate communications, social media
Description: Now is the time to integrate social media with your business internal communications, align with your companys goal. Use the social media tools and take advantage of its benefits in conveying information to employees beyond the traditional walls of existing corporate internal communication, medium such as corporate e-mail and intranet, implement social media strategies and develop strategic internal communication Source: via YouTube
Tags : communication skills, communication styles, listening
Description: In this video Brian Walsh explains that there are 3 different ways that people learn based on how they listen. Source: Success Television
Tags : Workforce Management
Description: With an economy going up and down, managers and HR professionals need flexibility to deal with the changing business world. According top Dr. John Sullivan, that means the ability to flex by utilizing a contingent workforce. Source: TLNT - the Business of HR
Tags : engagement, retention, video
Description: Dr. John Sullivan talks about how we should be focusing more on productivity than engagement. Source: TLNT
Tags : BPR, BPR, business process reengineering, change managment, competetiveness, e-learning, operations managment, processes, product delivery, systems, systems
Description: Definition and history of Business Process Reengineering (BPR).
Tags : business problems, business problems, management, management, operations research, operations research, OR, OR, supply chain, supply chain
Description: Operations what? In a nutshell, Operations Research is the discipline of applying advanced analytics to help you make better business decisions. But why o why should any manager care about algorithms? Because these days many major corporation, such as UPS, and Proctor and Gamble, are using Operations Research to solve their complex business problems. The good news: You don't have to be a mathematician to use OR. The bad news: If you don't use it, your competitors most likely will -- and the competition could eat you alive!
Tags : business, career, careers, employment, jobs, MBA, operations management
Description: Operations management is a business management career with excellent job opportunities. Learn more about careers in operations management from the perspective of various professionals currently active in the field.
Tags : academic, academic, course, course, inventory, inventory, job, job, operations management, operations management, process, process, purchasing, purchasing, scheduling, scheduling
Description: This video uses University of Massachusetts faculty and alumni to define operations management, to discuss critical decision areas that involve operations managers, and to describe the use of operations management in real-life applications.