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Tags : Business Operations, Business Planning, Corporate Communications, Market Volatility, marketing, Operational Planning, Oracle Corp
Description: A time of unprecedented market volatility and competition calls for a new business strategy. Integrated business planning can help you keep your finger on the market pulse, reduce planning iterations, accelerate decision making, and ensure that your plans are more actionable and your forecasts are more accurate, regardless of market volatility. View this video white paper to learn how Integrated business planning can help your company align strategic, operational, and financial plans.
Tags : cloud computing, Hardware, Hewlett-Packard Co., Storage, Storage Management, Utility Computing, video, Virtualization
Description: This year, for the first time, the number of virtual machines is on track to exceed the number of physical machines shipped. The reasons are clear -- data center cost reduction and greater agility. But, like any new, strategic technology, virtualization also transforms the way IT goes about its day-to-day business. Join Bob Melk, Group Publisher, IDG Enterprise, Dee Waddell, CIO of Amtrak, Alicia Barco, VP of IT at Paradigm Corporation, Bill Miller , CIO of El Paso County -- plus Robin Purohit, VP and GM of Software Products from HP Software for alternative thinking on virtualization.
Tags : human resources, performance, performance management, Performance video, Review, Workforce Management
Description: Giving a negative performance review can be one of the most stressful tasks a manager faces. In a conversation with BNET’s Sumi Das, employment and labor attorney David Goldman explains why it’s important to be upfront with underperforming employees and offers some tips for fair, honest, and objective feedback. Source CBS MoneyWatch
Tags : Building a Successful Sales Team, Doug DeBolt, Sales Strategy, Sales Team, team, team building
Description: Design a high-performing inside sales team and effectively manage all its moving parts. Doug DeBolt, senior vice president of West Business Services, reveals simple tips on how building the ultimate sales team will lead to more revenue. Source TechRepublic
Tags : assistance, guidance, help, how to, How to Ask for Help Effectively, Leila's House of Corrections
Description: It can be difficult to ask for help, especially if you like to solve problems on your own or if you’re afraid of appearing weak. Learn how you can ask for assistance or guidance from your manager without looking stupid. Source CBS MoneyWatch
Tags : factors of motivation, motivation, motivation video, Six Hidden Factors of Motivation, Whiteboard
Description: Ed Muzio, president and CEO of Group Harmonics, explains what drives people to perform and why uncovering motivation can improve communication and increase trust. Source CBS MoneyWatch

Networking in Tough Times
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Tags : Kate Sharon, network, Networking, Networking in Tough Times
Description: It may seem like a bad time to focus on career networking during an economic downturn when jobs are scarce. But Kate Sharon, vice president of Alliance Leadership, says it’s actually a great time to build relationships and explains how to foster them. Source UCLA

Virtual business
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Tags : business strategy, human resources, productivity, Virtual Business
Description: Brent Arslaner, VP of marketing at Unisfair, explains how virtual environments can increase productivity in marketing, sales and human resources departments within a company. Speaker: Brent Arslaner, Vice President, Unisfair From: CBS MoneyWatch
Tags : Compensating Creativity, human resources, productivity, work life balance
Description: David Paine, founder and Chairman of PainePR, emphasizes work/life balance at his firm. He believes that his employees' productivity has improved significantly as a result. Paine talks in depth about the positive effects of his cutting-edge human resources model and describes how it helps make his firm more competitive. From: CBS MoneyWatch
Tags : chronic complainers, complainers, employee behaviour, handle complainers, How to Handle Chronic Complainers, management
Description: Every workplace has one: a chronic complainer who finds fault with everything. David Goldman, employment and labor attorney, discusses how to manage these negative people and when to get Human Resources involved. Speaker: Sumi Das From: CBS MoneyWatch

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