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Tags : accounting, balancing, bookkeeping, trial balance
Description: Whatever kind of business you run, you have to close your books at least once a year to prepare an income tax return — or more frequently, if you want to get a better handle on how your business is doing. An important part of closing your books is preparing a trial balance — in other words, a list of all of your bookkeeping accounts and the balance of each at the end of the period — to see if your books are still in balance. If you are already doing this, you know that it is tedious and time-consuming; if your accountant is doing it, you know that it is an added expense.

Income Statement Template
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Tags : expenses, incmoe statement, profit and loss statement, revenues, template
Description: An income statement (sometimes called a profit and loss statement) lists your revenues and expenses, and tells you the profit or loss of your business for a given period of time. You've probably seen a formal income statement for other businesses or have paid your accountant to prepare one for yours. If you would like to try creating an income statement yourself for your business, you can use the spreadsheet template, contained in the attached file, as a starting point.

Balance Sheet Template
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Tags : assets, Balance Sheet Template, liabilities, net worth
Description: A balance sheet is a financial "snapshot" of your business at a given date in time. It includes your assets and liabilities and tells you your business's net worth. You've probably seen a formal balance sheet for other businesses, or have paid an accountant to do one for yours. If you would like to try preparing a balance sheet for your business, you can use the spreadsheet template, contained in the attached file, as a starting point.
Tags : customer statement, forms, recieveables
Description: Do you extend credit to your customers? If you do, two things are essential to maintaining control of your receivables. First, you need to maintain an accurate accounts receivable ledger for each customer — in other words, an up-to-date record of each customer's charges, payments, and balance due. Second, you also need to be able to send an accurate monthly statement to every customer who owes you money.
Tags : asset protection, LLC, Operating agreement, templates
Description: This Sample Operating Agreement incorporates many of the asset protection concepts presented throughout the Business Owner's Toolkit. It provides for the issuance of voting capital and allows for the issuance of nonvoting capital. Using nonvoting capital can be a major component in a popular estate planning, and thus asset protection, strategy: the family limited liability company (LLC). The Sample Agreement provides that members who hold only nonvoting capital have no right to vote as members or to participate as managers.
Tags : administrative positions, clerical positions, hiring, job analysis, managerial positions, new jobs, questionnaires
Description: The files contains two sample job analysis questionnaires. The first is geared to clerical and administrative positions. The second relates to employees who will be called on to manage people and make decisions affecting your business. Consider either a starting point in examining the needs of your business. Either form can and should be tailored to reflect your situation. The items listed may be right on point, or they may suggest other activities that are more relevant to your business. File Description:
Tags : Corporate Communications, Free Resume Samples, job, marketing, public relations, resume
Description: This sample Public Relations Manager resume will give you a quick start on building an effective and optimized resume for your job application. Users can feel free to customize and edit this sample Public Relations Manager resume as per their requirement for job application. Source TechRepublic

Web Developer Sample Resume
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Tags : Channel Management, Developer, marketing, resume, Web, Web Developer
Description: This is the resume sample for applying for the post of Web Developer. This sample can provide you the relevant idea that you need for preparing a Web Developer resume. Source TechRepublic

Web Master Sample Resume
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