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Tags : timesheet
Description: A time sheet for a consulting firm that bills to different projects and to overhead.
Tags : Business, complete, Components, elements
Description: Its always easier to write if you have a clear picture of what the finished product should look like. The attached files contain the component elements of sample business plans for three fictitious companies. Taken together, they illustrate the type of information that is essential to the creation of a high quality business plan. These documents are not complete plans; they are not templates into which you can cut and paste information about your business.
Tags : expectations, products, satisfaction, services, Survey
Description: Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Getting your customers to tell you what's good about your products or services, and where you need improvement, helps you to ensure that your business measures up to their expectations. The attached file contains a customer satisfaction survey form designed to help you gather this important information. Source Business Owner's Toolkit

Sample Drug Testing Policies
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Tags : Drug, Policies, Testing
Description: In some small businesses, the work that is being done is high risk or dangerous enough to warrant drug testing, either at the time of hire, during employment, or both. If your business falls into the category of those that drug tests employees, you should have a written policy that explains how drug testing works and what employees can expect.

Sample Work Rules
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Tags : inappropriate, Rules, sample, unreasonable
Description: An employer has the right to expect his or her employees to conform to a reasonable standard of conduct. Employees who act in an inappropriate or unreasonable manner can damage your business by creating unhappy coworkers or, even worse, unhappy customers or clients. While you might feel that it should be obvious what is appropriate and what is not, it is very risky to assume every employee will share your views. One of the best ways to make it clear what you expect is to have a set of general work rules.
Tags : Applicant's, Employer, employment, Former
Description: A previous employer can be a valuable source of information regarding someone you are considering hiring. While some may refuse to provide any information, many will be happy to share their thoughts and opinions with you. Bear in mind that they too are in business, and send them a request that they can deal with quickly while still supplying you with the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.
Tags : Applicant, history, information, samples
Description: The attached file contains a couple of samples that you can use to gather information about an applicant's work history. Customize either one to suit your needs, but be sure not to add any unlawful inquiries to your work history document.

Sample Job Description Form
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Tags : description, evaluating, Form, full-time, process
Description: Creating a position description is a key step in the hiring process. You must be able to accurately describe what a new employee will do in order to decide how to divide the work between you and your employee. A position description is also helpful in evaluating whether you need a full-time employee or a part-timer. It can form the basis of advertisements that you run, and can be used to present a clear picture of the job to job applicants. Finally, it can play a part in evaluating whether an employee has met the expectations you set. Source: Business Owners Toolkit
Tags : employee, feedback, satisfaction, situation
Description: Employee morale problems can be the result of any number of workplace problems. If employees don't like a particular supervisor, or feel that their work isn't appreciated, results will suffer. Getting to the root of the problem is sometimes a challenge. In many instances, the only way to get at it is to ask your employees to tell you. This can be a difficult situation for you and for them. On the one hand, you can gain valuable information about how to increase your employees' job satisfaction. On the other, you might have to face the fact that something that you do is a source of problems.
Tags : Consent Form, employee, Sample Drug, Testing
Description: If you are hiring someone whose duties will include driving a car or truck, it may be advisable, or necessary, to ask potential employees to undergo drug screening. In many cases, your insurance carrier may require it. The attached file contains a sample form that may be used to request that applicants undergo a drug test as a condition of being considered for employment.

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